Building an Ensuite Bathroom in London

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If you spend your mornings negotiating with your family for time in the bathroom, you’ve probably already thought about how much easier life would be with an ensuite bathroom. Nothing quite beats the peace and privacy of your own space that isn’t cluttered with everyone else’s shampoos and lotions. 

Fortunately, building an ensuite bathroom in London isn’t as daunting as it might seem. If you’ve thought about how it could work in your home, this post will answer some of your burning questions. 

How Much Will an Ensuite Bathroom Cost?

The average cost of putting in an ensuite bathroom in London is £12,500. But this doesn’t include VAT or the price of tiles, which can run into the thousands by themselves. 

Here is a breakdown of the main costs you can expect when building an ensuite bathroom in London:

  • Bath: £300-£500
  • Shower: £100-£200+
  • Shower enclosure: £300-£600
  • Wetroom enclosure: £500+
  • Basin: £200-£300
  • Toilet: £150-£300
  • Taps: £100+
  • Labour: £120+ per person, per day
Relaxing ensuite bathroom

There are also some additional costs that might pop up when adding a bathroom to your house:

  • Scaffolding (if drainage connections on the outside of the property are needed)
  • Replacing a cast iron soil pipe (if it has to be moved)
  • Replastering
  • Stud walls
  • Creating new entryways or closing up old ones
  • Adding a window
  • Underfloor heating

Do You Need a Planning Permission?

White ceramic ensuite bathroom

If you’re adding another bathroom inside the existing structure of your home in London, you shouldn’t require planning permission unless you live in a listed building. 

However, your project will have to comply with building regulations since it will involve plumbing, heating and electrical work. When necessary, a qualified electrician or gas safety engineer will need to provide you with safety certificates for the work. 

Planning and Designing The Layout

You probably already have so many ensuite bathroom ideas and know what you’d love your new bathroom to look like. But when it comes to a bathroom renovation, there are several important factors to keep in mind before you even think about tile colours:


The minimum requirement for an ensuite shower room is 1.8 metres by 90cm. Although space in London comes at a premium, it’s important not to cram your ensuite into the smallest space possible. When planning the size, make sure to take functionality into account. 

If you are working with a small footprint, a small shower cubicle, pocket door, or compact basin are some space-saving solutions. 

Heating & Plumbing

When planning the layout, make sure to consult a plumber when choosing the location of the different facilities. Water and waste pipes will need to be routed to the exterior of the building to meet up with your main stack.

If your master ensuite is in an awkward location, you may need to consider a macerator toilet. These can be installed anywhere, regardless of where the main drainage pipe is located.

You also need to consider the efficiency of your boiler. If it’s not sufficient enough to handle an additional bath or shower, it may need to be upgraded as part of the project.

glass shower in ensuite bathroom

Building walls

If you’re partitioning a room or adding a completely new room to space in a hallway, you’ll need stud walls. These will need to be constructed using water-resistant plasterboard to prevent damp or mould. 

If you plan on having a wall-mounted toilet or basin, these walls will need to be reinforced with steel prior to plastering to ensure they’re strong enough for the load. 

Stud walls will add an average of £15 per square metre to your budget for construction alone. If any additional wiring or plasterwork is needed, this will be an additional cost.  

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when building a master ensuite bathroom, but it is crucial to have a well-lit space. 

Bright light is best over mirrors, whereas gentler lighting is much more relaxing for bathtubs (if space allows). To accomplish this, opt for bright vanity lighting over the sink and warmer ceiling lighting to set the mood. 

When choosing lighting, make sure all fixtures meet the minimum IP rating for bathrooms. This is crucial to pass regulations and get signed off by an electrician. If you’re unsure, your build team will be able to give you advice on this.


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